Stella’s Garden

Stella’s Garden

by Phyllis M. Monaco (Author)
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Stella is a fluffy little Papillion dog with a mighty bark. But even though she is anxious when strangers come to visit her human mommy, she finds peace in the backyard garden.

In her mommy’s garden, Stella meets many creatures and insects, all with an important purpose. The bees collect nectar to take back to their nest to make honey; the ladybugs eat the aphids that destroy flowers, and the spiders trap the mosquitoes that bite humans. It seems that everyone has a reason for being on Earth except Stella—or so she thinks until she faces a moment where she discovers her own purpose.

In this delightful tale for children, a tiny Papillion puppy who finds peace in her human mommy’s backyard garden is inspired to find her purpose by the creatures that live there.

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Publication date
November 30, 2021
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