Impact with Integrity

How to Repair the World Without Breaking Yourself
by Becky Margiotta (Author)
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This is a leadership book for the new generation of business and non-profit leaders and managers. It will appeal to the millennials and Gen Xers who are not interested in business-as-usual manifestos but want something that speaks to the deeper and broader issues that our changing world demands.

  • truly transformation leadership book that you don’t need to be a leader or manager to benefit from.  
  • A guide for how to build a meaningful and balanced lif, that gives you the energy and the motivation to take care of others and make change on small and large scale without burning yourself out. 
  • In 2014 Becky Margiotta was featured on 60 Minutes for her work as director of the 100,000 Homes Campaign for Community Solutions, which mobilized 186 cities to permanently house more than 100,000 people who had previously been living on their streets.  
  • A graduate of West Point, Margiotta also served for nine years as an officer in the US Army, both in Special Operations and Special Mission Units.  

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May 10, 2022
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