Razel Dazel and the Lost Ornament

by Distefano,Pamelann (Author)
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Razel Dazel is on a journey. In the hills behind his castle, he sniffs out a shiny lost ornament and snoops out its place of origin.

On his long wandering path of smells, he encounters a cast of wise men riding beautiful horses. They have the most astonishing golden breastplates that resemble something that Razel has: a very anxious drummer boy playing his drums on the battlefield of good and evil and an unlikely sidekick named Kate. Kate accompanies Razel on his quest when all seem hopeless. The help of a moving chair is magical to Razel, and Kate is more than happy to assist.

Through sheer determination of will, he achieves his goal.

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Publication date
December 14, 2021
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4 MB

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