Summary of A Radical Awakening

Summary of A Radical Awakening

by Alexander Cooper (Author)
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Summary of A Radical Awakening - Turn Pain into Power, Embrace your Truth, Live Free - A Comprehensive Summary

In this book, Dr. Shefali explains what it means to be a woman, and challenges the stereotypes women go through daily. She addresses the uncomfortable topic of sexuality and what it means to be sexually awakened. Dismantling the patriarchy, are both a job for women AND men. Patriarchy is a societal structure where men have power and predominance roles in social privileges, politics and moral authority. This book covers a large scope of subjects including addressing the main faces of the ego, lies about motherhood, beauty, and youth, marriage, divorce, and love. This book embraces fearless boundaries, sovereignty, purpose, embracing the inner parent, detachment, compassion, and emptiness. This book will help you uncover your inner self.

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September 11, 2021
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