Summary of Cleaning Up Your  Mental Mess

Summary of Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess

by Alexander Cooper (Author)
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Summary of Cleaning Up Your  Mental Mess

.The world is characterized by fear in different spheres of life such as health, the future, making ends meet, all of which—due to the feeling of powerlessness or having no control that they cause—leads to thoughts and stress characterized by toxicity, anxiety and depression. These toxic thoughts often lead to the mismanagement of the mind because society is so much dependent on the use of medications.

According to the author, there’s another way to treat the mismanagement of the mind when anxiety and depression start to creep in. Getting the proper care and techniques for mind management is crucial because when the mind is filled with toxic thoughts, we tend to become more vulnerable to diseases. Researchers have recently confirmed that up to 90 percent of—illness that includes heart disease, cancer and diabetes—are caused by stress and thoughts that are toxic.

The way toxicity works to make us more vulnerable is that toxic stress (and thoughts) triggers the release of stress hormones called cortisol and homocysteine which can have vast effects on the immune, cardiovascular and neurological systems. According to the author, many people still lack the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to adequately manage their minds, despite the popularization of the need or importance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She noted that the skills necessary for the mind...

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