The Philosophical, Scientific, and Historical Evidence for God

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The Evidence for God
For approximately one hundred years, most secular scientists and the majority of the intelligentsia in the world have “preached” that God does not exist. Darwin’s book, The Origin of the Species, published in 1859, was the primary impetus for this change in our world’s viewpoint away from God. Today, many leaders in academia look at Christians (and others who believe in God) as bereft of intelligence.
At the onset of the 20th century, there was very little scientific evidence to suggest that God was the Creator of the Universe. However, since 1917, amazing evidence has been discovered in the fields of cosmology and biology that a significant number of secular scientists admit points to an incredible Creative Force; most call this Force, God. The Philosophical, Scientific, and Historical Evidence for God presents this evidence in a detailed, yet understandable, manner.
This book, Dr. Nichols’ eleventh on theology, provides well-researched information showing the ever-increasing evidence for an omnipotent Creator. He considers it to be the magnum opus of his writing career. The significance of the Big Bang theory and the many weaknesses now recognized in the theory of evolution will be thoroughly reviewed. Philosophical and historical evidence for God will also be presented. Dr. Nichols is convinced that an open-minded reader will come away with the realization that God does, indeed, exist, and that He is the God of the Holy Bible.

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December 28, 2021
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