Rise Up

Leadership Habits for Turbulent Times
by Mike Watson (Author), Ali Grovue (Author)
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Rise Up: Leadership Habits for Turbulent Times is a
call to action for leaders to accept that many of their habits diminish the resilience
of their organizations and to commit to a plan that will reposition them as twenty-first-century


In this engaging and thought-provoking guide, authors Ali
Grovue and Mike Watson present six distinct yet deeply interconnected habits
that all leaders must adopt: Trust, Inquisitiveness, Humility, Optimism,
Courage, and Discipline. Embracing these habits will help create a high-functioning
culture where employees feel enabled to be the best versions of themselves in
pursuit of a common, noble goal. The habits are also foundational to a
transformative and enduring strategy, one that is developed and owned not by
the leader, but by everyone within the organization.


Brought to life through real-life examples taken from Grovue
and Watson’s work as strategic leadership advisers in business and sport, and
combined with intelligence from academic and psychological research, Rise Up
provides leaders with a clear, insightful, and actionable path to building
organizations that can adapt—and even thrive—despite hard times.

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May 03, 2022
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