Believe Belong Become

by Moore,Renee Y. (Author)
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What price is a man's soul? In South Africa, I have heard native folks refer to rhinos as prehistoric animals that refused to die. I like rhinos. Back in the States, I saw the zombies of decaying resentment, unresolved anger that twists the spirit, toxic hatred that cripples the soul, and the stench of bitterness that rots the bones. I thought of the misery and frustration of these half-dead bodies walking the earth, having forgotten who and what they are, wanting to live and needing to die.

God is the Creator. The devil is not a creator but a perverter of what is already there. Can't spoil milk or spill it if there is no milk in the glass. The adversary of our souls knows God made us to replace him. From the first cry of humanity from the womb, Satan hears the voice of God, the voice of our Savior from Mary's womb, saying, "Crucify Me. Here I am." Because God wanted you back, He sent His Word made flesh in Jesus Christ, who never allowed the enemy to have you. It takes courage to surrender that one brain cell you have left to Jesus. It's easy to be a zombie and let the corrupt world use your soul to grease the wheels of a corrupt, doomed system already judged by God.

Vengeance belongs to God. He is The Resurrection.

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January 12, 2022
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