Ryan's Daughter

by Paul Benedict Rowan (Author)
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The making of David Lean's Ryan's Daughter in Dingle, Ireland, between 1968 and 1970, is shrouded in myth and sensational stories. Robert Mitchum and the glamour and mischief of 1960s Hollywood, the Irish climate, the studio system, and one of film's greatest auteurs all converged to make a troubled and fabled production in an unsuspecting town in County Kerry. Fifty years on, Paul Benedict Rowan has written the definitive account of one of the great movie follies and its unique place in cinematic and Irish history. Painstakingly researched over fifteen years, Ryan's Daughter: The Making of an Irish Epic charts the tumultuous filming of this iconic piece of cinema. Bringing together exclusive cast and crew interviews, a wealth of previously unseen archival material, and extraordinary accounts of the local people who took Lean and his epic to their hearts, this fast-paced, entertaining, and often jaw-dropping narrative is everything you ever wanted to know about David Lean's great 'fillum' and its tragic aftermath.

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February 01, 2022
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