When Santa Claus Goes Medieval

by Adarin Gohl (Author)
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When Santa Claus Goes Medieval - A must-have for all libraries and homes. The best written book in 2021. It is about a Christmas that was so foggy that supplies could not get into the North Pole, so Santa had to improvise. To make matters worse, Rudolph got hurt and couldn't lead the sleigh, so Santa had to go from bright light to bright light. Santa made his way down to the South Pole, where he found the people of Zergum. They had some animals that could help Santa get through the fog. As Santa delivered presents, he told the animals about the most famous wonders of the world. He made it back to the South Pole and swapped back to the reindeer and headed home, but with the fog so thick, he lost his way. The reindeer got tired, and the sleigh went down to the ocean. Does he make it home?

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January 20, 2022
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