Popular Romances of the West of England

Popular Romances of the West of England

de Robert Hunt (Autor)
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Originally published in 1865, "Popular Romances of the West of England" is a complete collection of English fairy tales by Robert Hunt, a famous British mineralogist, as well as an antiquarian, an amateur poet, and an early pioneer of photography.

Excerpt from the Introduction

"...Sending my box forward to Liskeard by a van, my wanderings commenced; my purpose being to visit each relic of Old Cornwall, and to gather up every existing tale of its ancient people. Ten months were delightfully spent in this way; and in that period a large number of the romances and superstitions which are published in these volumes were collected, with many more, which have been weeded out of the collection as worthless."

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20 de enero de 2022
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