Trees and the Environment

Another Perspective
by Michael Graham Msc. (Author)
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The book looks at the history and existence of trees, the importance of trees to the existence of humans and animals that utilize oxygen in their respiratory systems, the habitat that they have provided for all species of life over millennia, the food that they provide to all species, their impact upon existence of the hydrological system, the preservation of soil and the prevention of desertification, human relationships with forest and trees, the solace and the many other social benefits that they provide to humans and all species given to contemplation. The book highlights the many human activities, ancient and current, that are considered vital to human life, past, present and future inclusive of agriculture, mining, forestry for timber and paper products and energy production and the impact that they have had on forests and trees and consequently on the lives and health of humans and the other occupants of the planet. It also examines the many things, apart from human activities, that negatively impact forest and trees inclusive of natural events such as natural fires, floods, wind, disease, and salinization due to storm surges or rising seawater levels. The final chapters review and attempt to provide some solutions to the many problems associated with feeding and housing a growing human population.

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March 13, 2022
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