Impact of Technology on Environment: Climate Change and Instrumentation

by Halit Eren PhD Mba (Author)
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” Technology is manmade to address human needs”

“Can the world sustain current economic growth?”

“Natural Greenhouse Effect warms Earth by 33C”

” Land degradation have been cumulative over time”

“World population may reach 1 trillion by 9000 CE”

“Earth is subject to all forces imposed by the universe”

“Plastic pollution is a very serious environmental issue”

“Global water movements spreads pollutants all over world”

“Climate changes are due to natural causes and human activities”

“The polluted air is not confined by regional or national boundaries”

“Effects of technology on the environment can be direct and indirect”

“Today’s technologies are collective products of thousands of people”

“Prior to 19th century almost all energy used by humans was renewable”

“Until 20th century, the knowledge on the environment was severely limited”

“Technologies acted as catalyst to change the social settings and structures”

“Environmental instrumentation science helps to collect reliable information”

“Human use of natural resources raises questions on their future availability”

“Overexploitation throughout the history resulted in extinction of many species”

“Environmental laws, rules, and regulations may be misinterpreted and misused”

“Technology is helping human activities from environmentally harmful practices”

“Humans need to learn living within the laws of the nature and the laws of universe”

“There are environmental activities in collaborative, cooperative, and good will manner”

“Voluntary and noncommercial organization constitute major environmental movements”

“Humans can no longer afford to deteriorate the environment and let the carpet slip below their feet”

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March 21, 2022
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