Repo Blood

A Century of Auto Repossession History
by Kevin W Armstrong (Author)
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Since the beginning of auto lending there have repossessions. While there have been documentaries about the industry, these are often only small fragments of the truth and the reality is much larger, real and dangerous than even many in this secretive world may know. “Repo Blood” blows the doors off of common perceptions and goes all of the way back to the industries origins, evolution, it’s leaders and of course, the many lives lost performing this necessary function of the American economy. This is a history never before assembled and presented to either the public or the repossession industry.

Through interviews with the industries leaders and early agency owners, we have been able to reassemble a lost past. With these leads and countless hours spent scouring over a one-hundred years of newspapers helping piece together it’s early pioneers and it’s dark past. Its current status reveals a troubling future for both the repossession industry as well as the American economy. Regardless of your level of industry knowledge, this book illuminates a misunderstood, forgotten and previously unknown past.

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March 25, 2022
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