Grandmothers Educating Minds, 2nd Edition

by Toni Kleckley (Author)
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Ever wonder how a GEM is made? They exist as unrefined, unprocessed, sometimes crude, and broken minerals which exist in the harshest environments. Yet, a beautiful jewel is developed over time through intense pressure, and the world receives a precious, priceless wonder.

Such are the seasoned women who have lived full lives, suffering heartache, trials, and triumphs. They are known as GEMs. Do you know why? Might you be one?

GEMs- Grandmothers Educating Minds: The Mentorship and Legacy of the Seasoned Woman will help you think about and plan the process as you continue life’s journey. This book will provide you with some insights on how you can leave such a contribution that it will resonate for generations to come!

Discover the criteria for becoming a GEM
Understand what constitutes Spiritual Responsibility
Learn the Importance of Being Relevant

GEMs serve as a narrative and guidebook, examining the importance of seasoned mature women mentoring and guiding young women of this generation!

Your transformation begins now!

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May 08, 2022
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