A Lancashire Story

by Ged Melia (Author)
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Life as a miner, or as a cotton spinner, is not for Austin. He has ambition. Negotiating his way through an inter-denominational marriage, he marries Emma, a non-Catholic. After leaving Farnworth, a small mill town on the edge of Bolton, Austin's career as a steam engineer takes the family on a journey through the cotton towns of early twentieth century Lancashire.

A dozen years later, they have three children. Annie, the eldest, and Thomas, the youngest, are quiet and well behaved. Edward is different. He's a rascal, always ready for a bit of fun, and frequently willing to break the rules.

Family life, and dealing with a recalcitrant son was challenging enough, but at least it seemed manageable. Alas, the onset of war was about to disrupt everything.

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Publication date
April 28, 2022
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