Summary of Brad Koteshwar's The Perfect Speculator

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I had written a report about Taser’s phenomenal price run of 7000 percent in 52 weeks, which was received well by readers. But some could not grasp the lessons buried within the book. I was not an expert on the English language, and my mind was focused on incorporating the market lessons within the fiction rather than being politically correct with impeccable use of written English.

#2 I was shocked to hear that Boyd had lung cancer. He had been a heavy smoker for many years in his younger days, but had quit in his fifties. The damage done to his lungs in his younger days had apparently caught up with him.

#3 I was nervous to take over Boyd’s work, as I was not as gifted a thinker as he was. I knew I was gifted with a quick mind, but he was an operator whose mind worked at a much higher plane. I felt inadequate.

#4 There are no infallible systems. If there was one, the market would cease to exist. As the market will clean up the market, one must accept that fact and realize that all that is needed to be a successful speculator is in the price and volume action of leading stocks and indices.

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