Clay Mask

by Kate Valery (Author)
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When the young psychiatrist, Dr. Aaron Dispenmore, during his evening walk with his daughter, Laurie, helped a stranger girl on the street to find a bus stop, he couldn't have known that this ordinary event would turn his life upside down, and lead him to the a scientific discovery worthy of a Nobel Prize. But, this discovery could end up potentially deathly ...

Which way had Fate chosen for him then – triumph or death? Or maybe both?

Clay Mask is a deeply psychological story of love, and the tragedy of mental illness; the story that is searching for the meaning and goals of humans' existence, but is also full of dangerous adventure.

It's a novel. However, it is based on a true research study of the secrets of a human brain - its connections to the holographic universe, three-dimensional time, and the endless, mysterious, unbelievable possibilities hidden in 90 percent of its unopened part.

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April 21, 2022
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