A Tale of Telbereth

de Bethany Bellemin (Auteur)
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Sometimes there comes a time when reality fades and the unbelievable happens. Such is the moment when Levi Reid walks into Telbereth, a land of fantastic talking creatures, adventure, and a touch of whimsy.

Transported through the magic book in his grandfather’s study, Levi finds himself faced with the greatest challenges he has ever encountered. In Telbereth, stars share wisdom while evil plots in the shadows; centaurs walk through ancient forests; and fauns live in forever summer.

This world is divided by alliances and loyalties, and Levi is caught up in the conflict. Despite his fear, Levi finds that in the midst of these challenges, true friendship and loyalty provide the hope and courage to keep going. Journey into a land filled with fantastic creatures where griffins and unicorns wage war while Levi determines where he belongs.

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Date de publication
24 avril 2022
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2 Mo

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