Splash of Love

by Doris Anne Beaulieu (Author)
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This double love story of two ladies who were college roommates who start a business together. This story has confusion and is filled with what if’s, laughter and a dash of drama as it unravels the truth for true love to enter.
One business man creates a well thought out plan that gets put into motion not only for himself and his business, but to benefit the whole community. It reaches the point of not only helping through out his state, but working on two neighboring states. It fits the needs of today.
The hobbies of the two business men each in their own fields allow the story to be relatable to all genders. The two men also share their hobbies that surprisingly fall in the interest of their ladies. This romance story is filled with love that will warm your heart in many ways as two lessons of love are learnt. The intensity of what if’s becomes real at the end when the two couples meet and the men take action to protect their ladies from a second splash mishap and the girls decide their keepers.

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April 24, 2022
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