The Glory Box

If Summer Were a Place
de Claudine Marcin (Auteur)
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There are some things you just can’t forget …
The Long Winter is over, and life is beginning to return to normal. But just as they begin to have hope for the future they’ve been longing for, the past comes to visit.
Vytas and Hanita are on the baby track, along with a record number of survivors. And while in their baby bliss, they discovered a gift. Hidden away by her beloved Saira, Hanita learns the glory box holds many treasures. And as they begin to unravel the mystery, they uncover a long-buried secret about a summer her parents can’t forget.
Set upon a dystopian landscape, The Glory Box is a four-part mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each book features interesting, complex characters that must overcome tragedy and loss to save humanity … for love.
Begin your journey today with Pineapple in Winter and The Children of Autumn. The series-ending fourth book will be released later in 2022 — there’s a bombshell conclusion you won’t want to miss!

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14 avril 2022
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