Summary of A.J. Jacobs's Thanks A Thousand

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 My local coffee shop, Joe Coffee, has been around for twelve years. I went there to interview the barista, Chung, about her job. She told me that the majority of her customers are friendly, even though she has to deal with the occasional grouchy customer.

#2 I made a pledge that I would always look others in the eye when interacting with them, because I had been that asshole who thrust out the credit card without even glancing at the person. I would try to remember to treat others as humans.

#3 The process of choosing the best coffee beans is a long, complicated one. It involves tasting various coffees, and deciding which ones are the most delicious. It’s a process that is largely invisible, and therefore difficult to appreciate.

#4 Tasters like Ed are looking for several variables in a coffee: mouth feel, a balance between acidity and fruitiness, aftertaste. They avoid coffee that’s too vegetal or leathery.

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May 02, 2022
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