A Collection of Tales

by Chick Gallin (Author)
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When an amateur tennis player breaks a string in his racket, he heads to the Pro Shop where he is provided a replacement while they work on the repair. But little does he know that the replacement racket seems to hold magical powers that allow him to play with a daring style and accuracy.

In a volume of five short stories, Chick Gallin shares a glimpse into the lives of diverse characters as each faces unique challenges and experiences. After a gentleman walks up to an ATM to extract cash, he is soon confronted with a black storm that forces him to discern whether he is in reality or a dream. While heading to work with his car, a man sees a rainbow that seemingly bathes him in colors and sends him on a transformative, out-of-body experience like no other.

A Collection of Tales shares five short stories that lead others down an imaginative path where nothing is certain and reality intertwines with fantasy.

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April 29, 2022
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