Performance-Driven Giving

The Roadmap to Unleashing the Power of Generosity in Your Life
by David L. Hancock (Author), Bobby Kipper (Author), Kent Sanders (Author)
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Performance-Driven Giving is an empowering journey that will inspire you to give and live like no one else. 

Our culture teaches us that the key to happiness is being a consumer. But the truth is that the deepest and most lasting joy comes by giving. You will learn why giving is so important to your performance and discover a framework for building a giving habit into your life. 

Giving is a key factor in your performance in every area of your life. This one-of-a-kind resource shows you the how and why of performing at your very best by giving.

Many people don’t give because they have never been taught why, how, or where to give. This journey will show you a powerful spiritual perspective, help you overcome the obstacles giving, and show you practical ways to start giving right away.

If you’ve been looking for a resource to help you perform and make a bigger difference in the world, look no further. Performance-Driven Giving is your guide to personal and professional fulfillment like you’ve never experienced.

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Publication date
May 10, 2022
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