7 Saviors

by Regine St. Pierre (Author)
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In the throes of fresh widowhood, a woman from contemporary times is approached by an elderly couple to help them save two young girls from different atrocities of World War II. What it entails is her unexpected transport back to March 1942, a key time and place in Germany. The elderly friends turn back into the children they were at the time and cleverly assist the anxious woman who must succeed at all costs. Preparation and obstacles she faces for such a mission are mind boggling. Her assessment of the situation brings despair and shock at the reality of what the group must achieve. However, as she witnesses the girls’ circumstances and the plans of the current regime, her attitude morphs into a fierce determination to succeed at the risk of her own life to protect the children she came to help. Yet, she is informed, she must survive.

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May 04, 2022
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