From Africa to America

From Africa to America

A Young Boy's Journey
by David S. Kyere (Author), Mohuddin (Illustrator)
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Over the past decades, there have been many immigrants, especially children from Africa, moving into the United States of America. It is so amazing how children of that age, under a variety of circumstances, enter into the States.
Most immigrant parents are the first of their family to enter the US-either the father or mother or, in rare cases, both. After some years, they file for their partners and children to join them here. It is such a sudden transition for these children who are supposed to travel and join their parents in another country they have not experienced before. In the twinkling of an eye, they find themselves in a different environment, surrounded by all manner of people from across the globe.
This is a story that reflects the experiences of most African children who migrate from their country into the United States of America. Nan a Kofi, a young boy, moved from his country, Ghana, in West Africa to the United States of America. From Africa to America, a young boy's journey depicts the general process of how most of these immigrant children join their parents.
I hope you will enjoy the story as you read about how children get here, joining millions of other children from other countries.

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May 03, 2022
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