Summary of Polly Moore's The Natural Baby Sleep Solution

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The National Sleep Foundation commissioned a nationwide survey of the sleep habits and behaviors of children younger than four years old. They found that about half of the nation’s babies log only twelve hours or fewer daily. This is a serious problem: a six-month-old baby who sleeps twelve hours a day will suffer a cumulative sleep loss of hundreds of hours by the end of his first year of life.

#2 The recommended sleep averages presented in this chart are intended to help you determine whether your baby needs more sleep than he or she is getting. The figures are culled from the 1966 study cited below, and although they differ slightly from those currently recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, they more accurately reflect the true biological sleep need of babies.

#3 You must make your baby’s sleep a priority if you want good results. You may need to change your own attitudes towards sleep, as many people today are sleep deprived.

#4 The belief that activity is more important than sleep is widespread in today’s society. Many parents push themselves to provide their babies with as much stimulation as possible, believing that the more stimulation they provide, the better their baby’s brain development will be.

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May 09, 2022
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