Summary of Fred Kofman's The Meaning Revolution

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I asked the managers to introduce themselves, and when they did, I challenged them to a wager: if they didn’t know what their job was, they would have to bet a hundred dollars that they didn’t know. Most of them raised their hands.

#2 The primary job of each and every member of the team is to help the team win. The primary job of a defensive player is to help the team win. The primary job of an offensive player is to help the team win.

#3 The customer retention representative struggled with the sound clip of his conversation with Ryan Block. He was trying to do his job, which was to help his company be better, but he ended up doing a great disservice to Comcast through a public relations fiasco.

#4 Leadership is the process of eliciting the internal commitment of others to accomplish a mission in alignment with the group’s values. Leadership is about getting what can’t be taken, and deserving what is freely given.

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