Miracle Computer Chip Combats Airborne Viruses and Fosters a Cyber Virus to Debilitate China
by Jason O’Neil (Author)
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In this novel an American company invents, produces and markets a novel face mask with a miracle computer chip, MIRACHIP. The chip diagnoses an airborne virus in real-time and causes a vaccine mist to be released at the mouth and nose of the wearer. It is proven very effective and saves millions of lives around the world.
The book walks the reader through a simplified chip production process in its facilities in Mexico. The company develops a series of chip-based wearable patches which address a wide variety of ailments including but not limited to burn and pain relief, anxiety, obesity and insomnia.
China, which unleashes multiple global viruses, attempts to neutralize the effectiveness of the MIRACHIP so it can continue on its path of global domination. The reader follows the country’s attempt to bypass the company’s patents, steal chips for reverse-engineering and even attacks the factory with a computer virus to ransom the chip’s architecture.
The MIRACHIP company not only thwarts these attempts but responds with its own computer virus which disables China’s cyberwarfare center in Guantanamo, Cuba.
In the process, two of the company’s employees are awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine, the company’s stock is a bonanza for investors, and the company builds a resort headquarters in Bermuda so employees may maximize their creativity to develop new life-saving products.

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May 05, 2022
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