A frantic father, a mysterious container, and a serendipitous encounter with an especially talented soldier of fortune come together for an international reckoning. The circle of life becomes a Mobius strip.


When a man retires and becomes a multimillionaire, he learns that his money can’t buy miracles, but it can buy a measure of revenge. His struggle to understand and overcome a devastating loss culminates in a glimmer of hope for maintaining connections to the dearly departed.

As he immerses his mind and his money into a search for the soul and the paths it takes through multiple lifetimes, he sees as he gets closer just how far away the answer is: beyond any mortal’s reach. He enlists the help of a warrior with a special power and falls for a deceased DEA agent.

In the desert hills of Mexico, evil and justice meet as past and present lives become intertwined in the search for the immortal soul. Ultimately, through a chance reunion, he learns that success in life and success at living are two very different things, that some broken hearts never heal, and that some hearts never break.

What are the odds of discovering a lost progeny reanimated as a not-so-total stranger?

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May 10, 2022
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