Far Away Home

The Knowing
by J.T. Conners (Author)
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Their planet had been ravaged by years of warfare. All life, apart from the many male species on their planet, have been eradicated. It has become vital to journey throughout many galaxies to gather much needed wildlife, plant life, and compatible females to replenish their world. In their travels, they discover Earth and its massive abundance of life. They decide to visit Earth to add to their collections. The supreme commander’s personal bodyguard, Jodar, decides to help his friends with the gathering on Earth. During this visit, they happen to come across an earthling female. This earthling beauty awakens unexpected desires he never expected to experience for himself. Jodar decides that he can’t leave this particular female behind, and he arranges for her capture. He must take her back with him to his home planet to discover if she is indeed what he has envisioned. During their collections to amass desperately needed life, they also uncover one of their own instigating an intricate conspiracy that could tip the scale for their enemy to triumph. Will this earthling female be what Jodar desires? Will the uncovered betrayal from one of their own, irrevocably provide their adversary the ultimate conquest after decades of battle? Can Jodar find true love and prevent the complete demise of his planet in time?

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Publication date
May 10, 2022
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