Monster's Message

by Marie,Susan Serena (Author)
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Monster’s Message is about a Siamese cat named Monster. After learning about Jesus and His love for us, Monster suddenly remembers a memory that is in complete opposition to his actual life. Completely confused by this strange memory, Monster tries to ignore it and gets overwhelmed by its power. Trying to make sense of what it means, he once again talks it over with his kitty friend Spock. Together, the two kitties decipher the meaning of the memory and are blown away by what it reveals.

Monster’s Message is the second in a series of seven children’s books. It chronicles the tales and adventures of a Siamese cat who learns to trust in the love of Jesus. In these adventures, Monster is repeatedly shown God’s love and mercy and over time becomes an avid follower of Christ, as well as a passionate advocate of the Great Commission. The author modeled the characters after her own family pets and used stories from her own life to color them. Every book then closes with different Bible verses about God’s overwhelming love and providence

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Publication date
May 11, 2022
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