Parable Axis

(The Epicurean Riddle)
by Jose Alvarenga (Author)
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The invisible axis which makes us unaware of a constant rotation, has been from time to time, an enigma that hides the twists and turns between day and night. All what is left now is a parable, a parable that surges from the zenith of a horizon where the blue of the heavens gets lost with the blue of the seas.

Thus, since the beginning, when the light first shone in the cosmos, the word was meaningful, full of grace, salvation and joy. Then, with the arrival of chaos, and as the force of darkness swept the void, everything became an enigma, a riddle for humanity to choose a path beyond good and evil.

Now, there is only confusion, and the vestiges of fragments left in the literature of history, philosophy, poetry, religion and science. Like orphans and widows, we follow echoes and simulations of a place that used to be home.

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May 09, 2022
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