Pfc Lug Nut

Pfc Lug Nut

Happy Farm
by Thomas Rippy (Author)
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PFC Lug Nut is a 1942 Army truck with a special ability: he can talk to humans. After serving in the war, he has been shipped back to his home base, Fort Riley, in Kansas. There, when the new truck models come out, the older trucks go to people who can use them. Lug Nut goes to Mr. Hank Kirby and his wife, Edith, the owners of Happy Farm.

Lug Nut is glad to be on the farm; he helps Mr. Kirby take care of the animals, and they all live as one big, happy family. Then one day the sky turns a swirling gray-black, and Lug Nut hears Mrs. Kirby say, “Hank, a twister is coming! I just heard it on the radio!” The heroic truck must face down a huge and deadly tornado—and that’s just the beginning of his troubles on Happy Farm. When he finds himself banished in the forest, what else can destiny have in store for him?

In this story, the second in a series, a truck with the ability to speak to humans defends his farm friends from danger and starts down the path of an unexpected journey.

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May 10, 2022
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