Summary of Anaïs Nin's The Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1931–1934

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 Louveciennes is a village in France that resembles the one where Madame Bovary lived and died. It is old, untouched, and unchanged by modern life. It has a church dominating a group of small houses, cobblestone streets, and several large properties.

#2 I chose the house for many reasons. I wanted to be a writer who remembered that these moments existed. I wanted to prove that there was infinite space, infinite meaning, and infinite dimension. But I was not always in a state of grace. I had days when the music in my head stopped, and I had to go to Paris to present my book to Edward Titus for publication.

#3 Richard Osborn is a lawyer who is trying to be both a Bohemian and a lawyer for a big firm. He likes to leave his office with money in his pocket and go to Montparnasse. He pays for everyone’s dinner and drinks. When he is drunk, he talks about the novel he is going to write. He gets little sleep and often arrives at his office the next morning with stains and wrinkles on his suit.

#4 I was about to meet Henry Miller, the author, and I was excited. He was warm, joyous, and relaxed. His writing was different from his warm, joyous personality. He was a man who life intoxicates.

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