Summary of Mark Lukach's My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I was in love with my wife, Giulia, when I first saw her at a party. We spent the whole night immersed in flirtatious conversation. We were a couple within a month. We were both blown away by how amazing it feels to love someone and be loved back.

#2 I had been planning to go to law school, but now in my college years, I wasn’t doing a good job of convincing myself of that. I haphazardly signed up for humanities courses and cobbled together a history major with an English minor.

#3 I loved to make Giulia laugh, because it was like creating a private memory that was ours and ours only. Little things like this pulled me deeper into my infatuation.

#4 I moved to Baltimore to teach high school, and Giulia moved to Manhattan to work in fashion. We tried every possible angle to end up in the same city, but we never did. I made a close friend in Baltimore, and spent time with his family.

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