Summary of Lisa Bodell's Why Simple Wins

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The most precious resource we have is time. When you lose an hour, it’s gone forever. We aren’t as careful with how we spend our time as we should be. We would rather work on things that are important and meaningful, but we often don’t get those things done because we’re too busy.

#2 We’ve made a sport of talking about how busy we are. We compete to be the busiest person in any conversation. We’re consumed with the tedious, but sometimes quite urgent, tasks we have to get done before we can call it quits for the day.

#3 The fact that we can communicate via email, video conference, text, and walk at the same time means that we do all of those things, even if we shouldn’t. We’re often too busy to focus on what’s important, and we end up not being as effective as we could be.

#4 The complexities created by technology go beyond lack of focus. Because of our mobile devices, we’re always on, everywhere we go. This has led to a decrease in the time we spend on things that actually matter.

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19 mai 2022
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