Summary of Kevin Cope's Seeing the Big Picture

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 A business must have cash to survive and thrive. Without it, a company can't pay its bills, employees, or buy the goods it needs to produce the products or services it sells. Without cash, a company will eventually go out of business.

#2 The role of cash in a business is similar to that in your life. You use cash every day to pay for your rent, food, doctor visits, your cell phone bill, and cappuccinos. If you pay bills with your credit card, you are borrowing cash that the credit card company sends to the vendor.

#3 The blackjack strategy is tempting for people and businesses to take risks when they need cash now to ensure their future survival. This can be dangerous, as it can lead to the loss of money, time, and resources.

#4 The three components of a company’s cash are its cash position, its cash flow, and its liquidity. The company’s financial strength is measured by how well it can survive and grow even in difficult economic times.

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19 mai 2022
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