Summary of Gregg Olsen's Abandoned Prayers

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 Chuck Kleveland, age 44, was a truck driver who lived in Chester, a small town near Hebron. He was on his way to the barber in Hebron when he saw a dead body in a cornfield. He knew it was a girl, dressed in a blue one-piece blanket sleeper, and her hand was glazed over with ice.

#2 Kleveland, the owner of a truck stop, had seen enough. He did not move closer to the small corpse, which lay only fifteen feet from the roadside. He radioed his bookkeeper, who called the sheriff.

#3 The Amish, descendants of Dutch and Swiss Anabaptists, are a religious group that live by strict interpretation of the Bible. They believe in adult baptism, nonresistance, and separatism from the world.

#4 The Amish are a collection of scattered, great white boxes. They live together in large groups called families, and they never suffer the humiliation of a rest home. They speak a dialect of German and Swiss with a little English mixed in.

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