The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Café

by Mary Simses (Author)
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The perfect summer read, a warm, delicious, romantic novel about coming home and finding love...

Ellen Branford, a high-powered lawyer, is going to fulfill her grandmother's dying wish - to find the hometown boy she once loved and give him her last letter.

Beacon, Maine, home to blueberry fields and eccentric locals, is the last place Ellen wants to go so close to her upcoming wedding. Hoping to be in and out in 24 hours, she ends up the talk of the town when a tumble into the ocean introduces her to Roy Cummings, the carpenter who saves her life. Roy happens to be the nephew of Ellen's grandmother's lost love, and the one person who can bring closure to her quest. But as Ellen learns what Beacon has to offer and what her grandmother left behind, she finds herself asking, can a 24 hour visit ever be enough?

What readers are saying about The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Café:

'Romantic, funny and utterly, blissfully charming'

'Like the tastiest piece of pie...mostly sweet with a touch of tartness'

'Warm, funny, romantic and an excellent holiday read'

'I really enjoyed this, what a fab debut novel!'

'Intriguing and heartfelt'

'Bursting with story just as the muffins are bursting with fruit'

'Humour, drama and romance. Just what was needed for relaxation on holiday'

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Publication date
July 09, 2013
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