The Story of You: And How to Create a New One

The Story of You: And How to Create a New One

de Steve Chandler (Auteur)

Your story will not set you free. It will simply end. So why not see if you can stop telling it, and let others try to catch up to you. Let others tell your story. Gandhi didn't have to brag or even tell his own story. He didn't have to go around saying, "Here's what I've done! Look what I've accomplished! I fasted for 60 days, drove the British out of India, and then, for half a season, I pitched for Kansas City!" Gandhi was simply out there on the road, a human journey, always moving. For people to interview Gandhi, they had to walk alongside him, walking out of breath and talking to him, as he kept his brisk pace, walking across India, setting his people free through nonviolent action, through his own remarkable energy and simplicity.

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1 juillet 2009
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