Financial Accounts in the Sstem of National Accounts (SNA) and in the Current Economy

Financial Accounts in the Sstem of National Accounts (SNA) and in the Current Economy

by Daniele Fano (Author)

Daniele Fano is a graduate from the Universities of Siena and Harvard. He has worked in the public sector, in industrial and financial corporations, both on the management and on the research side.
He is a guest professor at the Rome Tor Vergata University and author of many papers, as well as of «Gold», a novel about the recent financial crisis.Advance Reviews of

Financial Accounts
in the System of National Accounts (SNA) and in the Current Economy

«Daniele Fano is one of the best experts in financial accounts. Beyond insider information on concepts and methodology, his book is an insightful contribution into various potential uses of national accounts for a better understanding of savings and indebtedness behaviors. I recommend this book to both beginners and advanced researchers of this subject».

Didier Davydoff,
Director of the European Savings Institute, Paris

«Even before the financial crisis that started in May 2007- with no doubts the most severe after the Second World War- it should have been clear that understanding financial flows and stocks was crucial. However, the crisis brought the issue to the forefront.
We are thus particularly proud to be able to provide our students with a systematic and rigorous approach to macro-financial statistics. On their side, the students consider the course as a unique opportunity to have a well equipped “bag of tools”».

Giancarlo Marini and Marcello Messori
Professors, University of Rome Tor Vergata

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October 15, 2013
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