What A Demon Wants

by Kathy Love (Author)
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She's No Angel

A bodyguard? Why in the world would a demon need a bodyguard? Yes,

it's true Ellina Kostova is only half demon. . .and an author with a cult following, but that just

means strange stuff happens. She isn't in real danger. Heck, she's in more danger from Jude

Anthony, the guy her brother has hired to protect her. In big danger, actually. Because she just

cannot be attracted to. . .well, anyone. She's too much of a demon in bed. No, really.

Jude has grown accustomed to being an outcast, adrift in both the mortal and

preternatural worlds. Being a paid fighting machine isn't glamorous, but he does it--and many

other things--spectacularly well. And man does Ellina Kostova need a lot of protection. But he

needs protection, too. She's making him remember what it feels like to be human. And he's

already learned no good can come of that. Especially when he's been hired not only to protect

but also kill her. . .

"Fangs for the Memories will make you laugh until milk

comes out of your nose. No, really."
--MaryJanice Davidson

Publication date
February 01, 2010
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