We Are Not Ourselves: A Novel

Editorial reviews

We Are Not Ourselves: A Novel

“We Are Not Ourselves” is a meticulous and moving debut that eschews the sweep of the big picture for the emotional truth of the extreme close-up.

We Are Not Ourselves is a solid first novel, unsentimental, multi-layered, evocative of a lost world.

Moving gracefully, vividly across the years, Thomas employs a realistic but not wholly linear mode. His narrative proceeds in slices – microscope slides, perhaps – of life.

The New York Times : Family Circle (September 05, 2014)

It’s a long, gorgeous epic, full of love and life and caring. It’s even funny, in places — and it’s one of the best novels you’ll read this year.

We Are Not Ourselves took 10 years to write, and justifies every one of them.

We Are Not Ourselves is intense and uninhibited and beautiful.

Matthew Thomas’s devastating debut novel, “We Are Not Ourselves,” does not trumpet the fact that it’s an honest, intimate family story with the power to rock you to your core.