Mind Your Own Business

by Lutishia Lovely (Author)
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The author of All Up in My Businessdishes up a sexy, scandalous tale of a family-run soul food dynasty. “A great new taste in the literary world.”—Carl Weber, New York Times bestselling author

Life is sweet for the Livingstons. Their booming restaurant business, Taste of Soul, is launching a West Coast division, and Bianca Livingston and her brother, Jefferson, are vying to head it up. And while their cuisine may be spicy, their personal lives are even hotter . . .

Bianca recently completed a culinary course in Paris—along with a steamy love affair. So her parents’ insistence that she marry a man of their choosing only fuels her hunger for freedom and her thirst for success. Meanwhile, Jefferson wants to spend more time with his secret L.A. love—a relationship his family would never approve. Extended members of this close-knit clan are trying to get all up in the siblings’ romantic business. But Jefferson, Bianca, and others wish everyone would mind their own business . . . 
Praise for Lutishia Lovely and the Business series

“Worth every moment.”—Donna Hill, Essence® bestselling author
“Drama, laughter, and a little bit of naughtiness . . . You’ll be wanting more.”—Urban Reviews
“A great story. This should make for a fascinating new series.”—APOOO BookClub
“More secrets are exposed and old enemies learn to forgive as this family faces, together, what life throws their way.”—RT Book Reviews

Publication date
November 01, 2014
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