This is the story of what happens when you dream big. A book that will inspire you and show you how you can achieve the goals you have in your life.

"When I arrived to the golf course that morning, I felt that good vibe I use to feel when I won. My purpose that day was to enjoy each shot, good or not so good, each hole, the love of my people, from the public that had supported me so much through my career... I remember how I was introduced: 'From Guadalajara, Mexico, the world number one, Lorena Ochoa'. So I lifted my face, I thanked the public and as I used to, I crossed myself, placed the club in position and hit my first shot with tears in my eyes. At that moment I felt my legs were weak; I looked out for my caddie, gave him my driver and told him crying: 'Let's enjoy this day'".

Lorena Ochoa was in the best place when she announced her retirement from the Ladies Professional Golf Association. She was living the dream she had since she was a little girl: become the best golfer in the world. Due to her strength and tenacity, she achieved a successful career that continues to this day, which she has complemented in a personal level with her own family, as she always dreamed.

In this book Lorena shares for the first time her experience, full with satisfactions and sacrifices, showing that talent isn't enough to reach our goals: discipline, ethics, support from the loved ones and a lot of effort to face the challenges and succeed are required. A testimony of struggle and succeed where Lorena Ochoa, world number one professional golfer, tells us about her life, since she was a little girl until she got to the top.

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