The New Leaders

The New Leaders

by Paolo A. Ruggeri (Author)
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«The motivational drive that led me to write my first book, THE NEW LEADERS, sprang from the need to understand group dynamics and how to manage groups successfully: improving others and above all helping them to live a better, more fulfilling and proactive life. After all, people’s success is measured by the success of those around them.»

Paolo Ruggeri

This book, written in simple and stimulating language, is the fruit of over ten years of research. It provides an analytical description of the successful solutions adopted by managers and entrepreneurs who have been successful in creating groups of extremely motivated and productive people.

The book is divided into three parts. In the first part we analyze a number of factors and causes that lead the manager’s effectiveness to decline; in the second part we provide a very detailed analysis of staff motivation; the third and last part analyzes the character and philosophy of the motivational manager and company.

It includes case histories of companies that have successfully resolved personnel management problems, providing many practical examples that every manager and entrepreneur can immediately apply in order to improve their staff’s productivity.


Paolo A. Ruggeri has been training leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world for over twenty years.

The topics of his seminars range from leadership to the latest developments in staff motivation, organization, development of individual potential and sales.

Paolo’s ability to draw ideas and concepts from various disciplines and translate them into succinct strategies and practical formulas is combined with his great skill in inspiring and motivating people.

Thanks to his experience, numerous companies worldwide are achieving a leading position in their own markets.

Publication date
September 27, 2012
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