Counselling with Caregivers: A Guide for Professionals

Counselling with Caregivers: A Guide for Professionals

by Marjorie Silverman (Author), Marjorie Silverman (Author)
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It is likely a matter of when, not if, most people will become either the givers or receivers of care. As increasing numbers of families are confronted with caregiving obligations, there is a corresponding need for health and social service practitioners to offer emotional and psychosocial support to those providing regular care to someone with a loss of autonomy or disability.
Counselling with Caregivers: A Guide for Professionals is intended to sensitize healthcare practitioners to the challenges faced by caregivers and to provide a practical and accessible guide for responding to their needs. With chapters on everything from assessing caregivers’ needs to how therapeutic models can be applied to counselling with caregivers, this guide is a “how-to” manual on psychosocial intervention with caregivers. Case studies and reflection exercises enhance the hands-on approach to the topic, making it a precious tool for anyone interested in psychosocial intervention.

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January 05, 2009
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