Is there a future for Carbon Capture and Storage in Poland?

Is there a future for Carbon Capture and Storage in Poland?

by Michal Drabik (Author)
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The climate is changing, the average temperature on Earth is rising, the EU is concerned and Poland is developing. Despite the fact that the country is trying to make up economically for lost time under Communism, it still has to comply with a demanding EU climate policy. The task is not easy, particularly keeping in mind how heavily coal-dependent the Polish economy is. Consequently, Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) appears to be a perfect solution. However, the closer the technology is examined, the more its charm fades away. This paper analyzes CCS technology in terms of the likelihood of its application in Poland. After placing CCS in the European context, examining attitudes held by Polish stakeholders, reviewing the Polish public debate, and scrutinizing Polish society’s beliefs about the technology, the paper concludes that chances for CCS implementation in Poland are virtually nonexistent. Read the interview of the author.

Publication date
December 11, 2014
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