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Results: 151 - 185 of 185
The Vine That Ate the South
by J.D. Wilkes (Author)

This Young Monster
by Charlie Fox (Author)

by Can Xue (Author), Karen Gernant (Translator), Chen Zeping (Translator)

The Refugees
by Viet Thanh Nguyen (Author)

2084. The End of the World
by Boualem Sansal (Author), Alison Anderson (Translator)

by Suah Bae (Author), Deborah Smith (Translator)

by Simon Garfield (Author)

The Shooting
by James Boice (Author)

Feeding Time
by Adam Biles (Author)

Neon Green: A Novel
by Margaret Wappler (Author)

Seeing Red
by Lina Meruane (Author), Megan McDowell (Translator)

Voices from Chernobyl
by Svetlana Alexievich (Author), Keith Gessen (Translator)

by Terry Gilliam (Author)

by Libby Creelman (Author)

The Weightless World
by Anthony Trevelyan (Author)

The river is the river
by Jonathan Buckley (Author)

by Jorge Luis Borges (Author), Anthony Kerrigan (Editor), Anthony Bonner (Translator)

Fifteen Dogs
by André Alexis (Author)

H is for Hawk
by Helen Macdonald (Author)

The Only Ones
by Carola Dibbell (Author)

by Will Self (Author)

Pig Iron
by Benjamin Myers (Author)

Awards : Gordon Burn Prize 2013

Mira Corpora
by Jeff Jackson (Author)

Moon Tiger
by Penelope Lively (Author)

Awards : Booker Prize 1987


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